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Simulated Air Impact Review (sAIR)

sAIR is a computer model developed for evaluating environmental impacts under a National Environmental Policy Act (NEPA) assessment or a General Conformity Determination. sAIR is a user-friendly software package that performs air emission modeling of actions (e.g. MILCON) to meet the air quality regulatory requirements of:

  • Air Force Instruction 32-7040, Clean Air Act (CAA Section 176(c)).

  • Air Quality Compliance And Resource Management.

  • Environmental Impact Analysis Process (EIAP, 32 CFR 989).

  • General Conformity Rule (GCR, 40 CFR 93 Subpart B).

Unique to this model is a fully integrated Geographic Information System (GIS) component that enables users to identify the proposed action location relative to EPA designated regulatory areas. This component is incorporated within sAIR; therefore:

  • There are no additional costs, and

  • no additional licenses to use this GIS capability!

The security of user data and electronic devices is never compromised. In order to maintain system integrity, sAIR employs multiple cybersecurity strategies:

  • sAIR is a standalone application.

  • sAIR does NOT require the use of any database system.

  • sAIR does NOT use open-source code.

  • sAIR does NOT use third-party libraries.

  • sAIR is written using Microsoft .NET architecture ONLY.

  • sAIR does NOT require the use or access of the internet.

Current sAIR Version:

sAIR - System Authorization Access Request (SAAR)

sAIR DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request

Available to all DoD Employees and Air Quality support contractors. Must be completed and processed to obtain a copy of sAIR.

sAIR - SAAR Help File

sAIR DD Form 2875 System Authorization Access Request Instructions and Explaination document.

sAIR User Features

sAIR's Consolidation and Standardization of Methodologies

sAIR's Technologies